Welcoming Blocky to Layer3

Aug 22, 2023

by Dariya, Co-founder & CEO

Today is a big day for us at Layer3—meet Blocky, our official mascot. Blocky is a vibrant yellow cube, the embodiment of the fundamental 'blocks' foundational to crypto. He symbolizes the joy of discovery, simplicity, and approachability. As you tread deeper into the world of crypto, Blocky will be by your side, ensuring that each challenge you face on our platform transforms into an enjoyable and unforgettable quest.

We've always aimed to make our brand user-centric, and with Blocky, we're taking a step further in making the world of crypto more approachable and welcoming.

A Brief Look Back

It's been an incredible journey since we launched Layer3 two years ago. The road had its mix of peaks and challenging troughs, but every moment has been a learning experience. We've seen growth that we're truly proud of, going from 20K monthly active questers in July 2022 to over 200K in July 2023. What's even more exhilarating is the sheer number of interactions we've facilitated through quests – nearly 25M with crypto products.

As the crypto landscape underwent transformations, our core idea remained: convert the complex into the enjoyable, especially for those new to this space.

Our Deeper Mission

Our users drive us through their feedback and actions. They've made it clear: Layer3 is more than just a quest platform. A pattern emerged from our data and conversations with you, our users – you return to our quests as continual guides for deeper engagement, often revisiting quests you’ve already completed, solely to safely do these actions again.

This insight propelled us to launch a product to help our users get between the dozen ecosystems we currently support––our bridge aggregator, powered by our friends at Socket, which crossed over 100K bridges in 30 days. We aim to be an always-on hub, simplifying the crypto ecosystem. But more than that, we're transforming how people learn about and engage with crypto.

Through innovative quests, powerful engagement developer tools, and a goal to simplify the ecosystem, we've elevated beyond just a quest platform – we are a gateway to the future of crypto.

The Future

Being adaptive is in our DNA. As we usher in this new chapter of Layer3, anticipate a more enriched platform, with concentrated crypto tools aimed at making routine actions a breeze. We're focusing on seamless onboarding, amplifying our commitment to decentralization, serving developers, and of course, introducing a wider array of quests in collaboration with top-tier partners.

With every step, our aim is to redefine your crypto journey, ensuring it's as intuitive as it's engaging.